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✿ the founder ✿

Junk London is a colourful, sustainable swimwear brand founded by me, Celia Harper. 

I design all the beachwear myself in my Brighton flat, and then work with one of the best factories in Bali to bring the pieces to life.

No planet-damaging fabrics are involved in my manufacturing process and all of my workers are paid three times the national average.

Junk london

✿ our story ✿

Celia spent most of her 20s travelling Southeast Asia, where she worked in little bars on Cambodian beaches. As amazing as it was to be living in a bikini for months at a time, she began to see first-hand the effects of plastic waste on the ocean.

After learning that the fast fashion brands she had been buying her swimwear from were damaging the nature she loved & exploiting their garment workers she decided to start her own swimwear brand. One that was ethical and planet friendly, but still colourful and tons of fun. 

After all her time spent in Asia, being able to support a developing country was close to my heart. After visiting Bali a few times, she found the perfect factory just outside of Seminyak Beach. 

They treated their workers amazingly well and specialized in Italian ECONYL® and REPREVE® fabrics made from recycled bottles and fishing nets. 

Together, the factory and Celia create playful beachwear that doesn’t harm the planet. 

So you can swim, sunbathe and shop guilt-free.